Credit Verification

Technology-driven, last mile verification process of the prospective customer.

Personal & Business Due Diligence.

KYC & Financial Documents Verification.

Fraud Control Process Management.

Risk Mitigation.


Credit Profiling

Credit assessment to ascertain ability to re-payments.

Personal Discussions.

Liquid Income Assessment Program.

Credit Report & Due Diligence.

Low Income Assessment Program.


File Process Management – CPA​

Log-in to Disbursement File process management.

Full stack file process management.

Disbursement and property document management process.

Back End operations management.

Hind sighting & Process compliance Audit.


Video KYC & Digital Verification

Video based Customer Idetnficiation Process (V-CIP) as Reporting Entity (RE).

Video based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP).

Video PD - Personal Discussion with Audit Trail.

Identity & Address Confirmation – Digital Process.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Driven Processes.



Business, Litigation, Tax & Assurance advisory services.

Business & Corporate Advisory.

Judgement & Decision Making.

Litigation Consulting.

Tax Advisory & Assurance Services.